DaFloW, Romania’s Hottest Rapper, Drops Debut Track “Regasirea”

Romanian-born DaFloW is making waves in the music industry with his debut track “Regasirea” – a powerful call to action for youth around the world. At only 12-years-old, DaFloW has already been making music and improvising rhymes. His skill and passion have earned him top spots in several regional rap contests, and now he’s ready to make his mark on a global scale.

DaFloW – “Regasirea”

DaFloW’s new song powerfully conveys a message of taking back control over our lives and refusing to be held back by societal expectations. The track is packed with catchy instrumentals and phat beats that will surely get listeners moving. “Regasirea” is DaFloW’s first official single – but it won’t be his last. He plans on continuing to put out new music with inspiring messages for young people everywhere.

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