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Musíc charts are supposed to be a scale for the success of a music track. Music titles that rank higher in the music charts are therefore more effective than titles that inhabit lower ranks in the charts. The primary is therefore the most effective music track in a hit parade of a particular duration. The hit parade provides interested parties with details about the ranking of music titles, along with the artist and the associated record label, in addition to the previous placements back to the date they got in the charts. The order of the music titles should supply details about the relative appeal of a title. The popularity or appeal of a music track, in turn, depends upon the criteria by which it is to be determined. Popular criteria include the frequency of broadcasts (airplay), sales figures and, given that the development of online media, downloads and streaming as well. Many of the charts are limited to a particular geographic area, and some to a specific category of music .

Musiccharts24 are intended to represent global popularity of recent releases reflected by a facebook poll and the preferences of a selected jury.

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