Music Promotion June 2022

Darrell Kelley – Gun Reform

Artist: Darrell Kelley
Release: Gun Reform
Genre: R&B/Soul
Label: Viral Records

Darrell Kelley’s “Gun Reform”, released globally on the Viral Records label, takes up the seemingly uncontrolled flow of automatic weapons in every corner of the USA. Kelley employs his lyrical skills to shoot from the hip with lines like “It’s hard to get a driver’s license and even a state ID, but if you’re eighteen years old you can buy an AK15”.

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Music Promotion 2022 Past Months

Music Promotion May 2022: More Life Laila is a mother-daughter single release by Laila-Simone and KimFire. The song stresses beautiful harmonies with the young singer Laila assuring to her mother, “I will live, no matter how hard it is.”

This is a very personal project. And, it’s really extreme. You have to be willing to go out on a limb to save our children. I hope you enjoy this song as much as we do!

Music Promotion May 2022: Music video of the original acoustic song “Rain” being played live by the incredible Conor Nutt about helping friends through sad times.

Music Promotion April 2022: Southdogrock aka Florian Döppert from southern Germany proves with two new German-language folk/rock songs that he deservedly won several awards at the German Rock & Pop Prize in 2021. The compositions “Great Big Love”, “Fernweh” and “Weisst Du noch?” captivate the listener with beautiful harmonies and little stories about longing, love and memories from the songwriter’s life. Southdogrock is not only an extremely creative, but also a socially committed project, especially as part of the income from his music is donated to the “Offroad-Kids” association.

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Music Promotion April 2022: Cing, a daughter-father song creation duo releases the very enchanting indie ballad “The Call” – expressing inner-most feelings that we have a calling to ourselves and others. Cing crafts songs about positivity and hope. is an affiliate partner of Fiverr and the author is Fiverr Seller. The titles promoted here can be sometimes monetized as part of a paid Fiverr gig. expressly distances itself from the content of the promoted music tracks!

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