Shamara Showcases Appreciation and Respect for Germany with Upcoming Song “Das Grüne Land”

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Shamara, a rising international artist, has announced the release of her upcoming song “Das Grüne Land” in an effort to showcase her respect and love for Germany. Inspired by the country’s peaceful environment and beautiful people, Shamara composed the song to honor the German spirit and culture.


Singer/Performer Sandra Harbor Odor, better known by her stage name Shamara, is making her comeback in the music world with a powerful mission. After making her debut in 2010 and taking time off to start a family, Shamara is ready to bring her passion for music and her mission to help others to the forefront. She feels a greater social responsibility to use her talents and platform to make a difference in the world and is determined to be recognized among the top pop singers while conveying hope and empowerment to women everywhere.

With her single, “Wipe Our Tear,” Shamara is dedicating the song to the victims of war and religious violence in Ukraine and Nigeria. All revenue earned from the song will be donated to the Ukrainians and Nigerians.

The upcoming release of “Das Grüne Land” is reflective of Shamara’s journey in music; her distinct sound incorporates elements of soulful R&B, hip-hop, pop and electronic music. This single follows her latest single, “Every Woman Is Beautiful,” a celebration of women and a call for stronger, more peaceful relationships between all genders, which gained success both domestically and internationally.

Despite her prospects of stardom, Shamara considers herself first and foremost a proud mother and wife. She was born and raised in Nigeria, and now lives with her family in Germany. With her hardworking and original spirit, Shamara is ready to make an impact through her music and foundation and bring hope to those in need.

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