Synthetic Content Project remixes “Happy Birthday Song”

Synthetic Content Project’s Christmas 2021 Charts:

Born in 1976, Maik Volkmann, guest judge of, has been a music producer since 1992 with various live performances. Maik produces music from Darkwave EBM to Trance.

“Synthetic Content” was founded in 2019 as a side project. Intended as a live project, it has become a remix project due to the corona. “Synthetic Content” remixes in the style of the 80s-2000s. Influences of the project are 303 sounds – house sounds – 80s elements up to modern times.

The collaboration with Copamore happened by chance through “Charles & Charmichael”. Synthetic Content is currently working on another remix for Copamore and at the same time on their second single.

“Happy Birthday Song (Synthetic Content Remix)”

We thank you for the great collaboration and at the same time wish everyone who is celebrating their birthday today a special day!

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