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Music Promotion Guide:

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Music Production Guide:

You may have been looking for a "hit recipe" for a long time that will guarantee you musical success, or you may have just gotten into the music business. The music industry is often referred to as a shark tank and not only since the emergence of the current crises the conditions for musicians of all levels of fame have not become easier.

Step by Step Towards The Top Of The Music Charts

But especially in these times of upheaval many newcomers sense their great opportunity. Music producers today don't even need a conventional music studio - the well-equipped computer with the right DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) and the right networks make the big difference - provided you don't lack one thing in particular: Inspiration!

Above all, you need the right musical idea at the right time to start the production process.

An idea can consist of an interesting short melody sequence, a sample or just a line of text that reflects a lively topic. Of course, with millions of tracks published, it's safe to assume that your idea (e.g. the title of a piece of music or chord progression) can already be heard in one form or another somewhere, but don't let that put you off. It makes no sense to copy someone else's piece of music 1:1, but starting with one brilliant idea or being guided by several reference tracks during the production process is probably the silver bullet to a satisfactory result.

Most of the so-called "hits" can be described as catchy, with repeats that are easy to sing, hum or whistle along with and moving beats that make you want to dance. Furthermore, even more emotions can be conveyed through lyrics and the interpreters. A track also needs a coherent overall concept, a theme, a story, which is sparked off by the original idea and can also be implemented visually. The sequence "Intro - Verse - Prechorus - Chorus - Verse - Prechorus - Chorus - Bridge - Chorus - Outro" can be considered a typical song structure. Nowadays, however, some tracks deviate from this scheme in that the individual parts flow into one another and are no longer so easily distinguishable from one another. A conspicuous trick these days is, for example, to work out the prechorus as a hook line of a track next to the actual chorus and thus give the song a special touch.

You can immediately sit down at your workstation with your idea, which is best noted down or recorded immediately. In our Facebook group, we asked music producers of all genres which music programs they work with and received the following answers in order of frequency of mention: FL Studio, Ableton Live, Steinberg Cubase Pro, Logic Pro, Reason, Garage Band and many others.

Music production programs - like software in general - differ in complexity, user-friendliness, price and other parameters. Of course, you should have a good command of the software, but even if you're not a fan of electronic devices, there's no need to discard your good idea, you should turn to an experienced producer who can use your approach to its full potential.

If you don't want to give up the scepter of music production, the control over the process, but still need the help of composers and lyricists who should refine your title, don't hesitate!

Maybe you're working on an instrumental track, you're a singer yourself, but if neither applies to you, you can nowadays easily fall back on talented singers of the most diverse backgrounds.

Of course, this also applies to instrumental musicians, who you can involve in your music production without beating around the bush and spending too much money nowadays.

At the end of the production process there is mixing and mastering, so that your title can really hit the big time on all devices and platforms. So that your track does not fall off negatively in terms of technical quality, you should deal intensively with music production technology, especially with regard to your DAW and, for example, watch tutorials, of which there are tons today. But even this final step of mixing and mastering can be done by an experienced professional.

Now it's up to you to market the finished track and, first of all, don't forget a striking but tasteful cover design. Of course, a music video or promo videos for TikTok, Instagram or Facebook, for example, can draw a lot of attention to your production.

Much is promoted today via music playlists, such as ours. Music marketing professionals who have a lot of experience in the music business are also available to you.

So we wish you a lot of fun producing and, above all, courage and determination to reach for the stars!

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Musiccharts24 is a Fiverr Affiliate and earns a commission on referrals.