Copamore’s “Christmas Playlist”: A Nostalgic Tribute to Christmas Traditions

As the festive season approaches, music enthusiasts eagerly await the annual tradition of Copamore’s Christmas releases. This year, the anticipation is set to culminate on November 3rd with the release of “Christmas Playlist,” an RnB track infused with electronic and trap elements.

The tradition of Copamore’s Christmas releases dates back to 2017 when the brothers embarked on an online live gig that lasted for hours. They passionately remade a plethora of traditional Christmas songs, continuing into the early morning. The joy and fun of that night led to the creation of original compositions like “Christmas Wish” and “Christmas Night.”

This year’s track, “Christmas Playlist,” paints a vivid picture of a man wandering through a snow-covered city. As he strolls through the wintry streets, he makes phone calls to angelic singers he’s encountered throughout the year. Each call is an invitation for them to join him and be a part of his Christmas playlist. As he reminisces, dreamy flashbacks of their meetings play out, adding a touch of romance to the narrative. The city, illuminated by Christmas lights, comes alive with street performers serenading passersby with carols. The climax is both poignant and heartwarming, with the protagonist standing alone amidst a snowstorm, passionately shouting the song’s headline. Surrounding him are the ethereal apparitions of the angel-like singers, evoking a sense of longing and love.

The story is not just about music but also about connections, memories, and the magic of Christmas. It’s a reflection of the bonds we form throughout the year and the joy of reuniting during the festive season.

As the days draw closer to the release, fans of Copamore are in for a treat. “Christmas Playlist” promises to be a melodic journey that captures the essence of the holiday season while paying tribute to the duo’s longstanding tradition.

So, mark your calendars for November 3rd and get ready to immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Copamore’s “Christmas Playlist.”

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