Copamore’s RnB Hit “Broken Love” Gets a Club Makeover in K-Pop Trap House Style

Electronic pop producer duo Copamore have announced the release of their new Club Edit of their hit single “Broken Love”. The new edit brings a unique K-Pop trap house style to the already popular RnB track, giving it an energetic and upbeat feel.

The new Club Edit has been created with the purpose of making the song more suitable for club settings, while still retaining its original emotionally captivating feel. By introducing elements from K-Pop trap house music, Copamore have managed to create an infectious, upbeat version of the song that will get people off their feet and dancing in no time.

The original version of “Broken Love” was released earlier this year to critical acclaim, becoming one of their most popular songs of 2022.

With their signature style, Copamore have tapped into something special with this song – something that resonates with music fans all over the world. Now, they’re taking it one step further by giving listeners an even more dynamic version for when it’s time to hit the club.

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