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Latin pop or popular Latin music is a musical genre that contains Latin American influences. Geographically, it can refer to all popular song produced in Latin American territory or performed by Latin Americans, called Hispanics in the United States.

Occasionally, the meaning of the term applies to Latin Europe, specifically Spain and Portugal, although Italy is also consisted of. Latin Asia – more particularly, the Philippines – is also considered in the category.

Latin pop is generally sung in Spanish, or some other Latin language, although songs in English and other languages are not unusual. In addition, a number of global artists from France and Italy often re-record their tunes in Spanish for Latin audiences.

Reggaeton (or reguetão) is a musical genre that has its roots in Latin, Caribbean and European music. Its sound stems from the Spanish reggae rhythm of Panama, affected by hip hop, salsa and electronic music. This musical category emerged in Panama, drawn from the electronic design and soon ended up being popular in Puerto Rico, Spain and spread around the world. The majority of the tunes contain lyrics with sexual material, however, there are pop, romantic, urban themes reflecting the truth of the streets, drugs and, of course, about parties and ostentation.

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