The Star Babies Of The Eighties (1980-1982)

Birthdays of today’s VIPs (1980-1982)

As a “child of the eighties”, we would like to present you celebrities in this series who accompany us every day in the media today – real world stars. For some of these VIPs this star cult is already fading, but there is always the possibility of a comeback. 🙂 We start with celebrities who were born in the early 80’s.

The 1980s were wonderful years to say the least. This year there has been excellent cultural and technological advances that continue to shape the world we live in today. In that decade MTV was founded. The dominant technologies in that decade were the video recorder, the personal computer, the CDs, the satellite system and today’s grandfather of the video games – Pac-Man.


1980 born:

Ashanti (Douglas), R&B singer, 10/13/1980
Chelsea Clinton, former first daughter, 02/20/1980
Christina Aguilera, pop star, 12/18/1980
Christina Ricci, actress, 02/12/1980
Michelle Kwan, figure skating champion, 7/7/1980
Venus Williams, Tennis Champion, 6/7/1980
Jessica Simpson, singer, 7/10/1980

Born in 1981:

Alicia Keys, R&B singer, 01/25/1981
Anna Kournikova, tennis player / model, 06/07/1981
Beyonce Knowles, pop star, 9/4/1981
Britney Spears, pop star, 12/02/1981
Craig David, R&B singer, 05/05/1981
Elijah Wood, actor, 1/28/1981
Ivanka Trump, model, 10/30/1981
Jessica Alba, actress, 04/28/1981
Josh Groban, singer, 02/27/1981
Julia Stiles, actress, 03/28/1981
Justin Timberlake, pop star, 1/31/1981
Natalie Portman, actress, 6/9/1981
Paris Hilton, Celebrity, 02/17/1981
Serena Williams, tennis champion, 9/26/1981
Roger Federer, tennis champion, 08/08/1981
Nicole Ritchie, celebrity, 9/21/1981

BORN 1982:

Anna Paquin, actress, 07/24/1982
Kelly Clarkson, pop singer, 04/24/1982
LeAnn Rimes, Country Singer, 8/28/1982
Leelee Sobieski, actor, 06/10/1982
Tara Lipinski, figure skater, 06/10/1982
Andy Roddick, tennis champion, 8/30/1982

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