Copamore – Music Producer Diary Note 1: “Broken Love (Club Edit)”

The short anime story is about two girls who meet at a tattoo studio. As they get their tattoos, they start talking and realize that they have a lot in common. They bond over their shared experiences of love and heartbreak, and the emotional journey that follows.

Throughout the story, the lyrics of a song titled “Broken Love“ by the producer duo Copamore serve as a backdrop, highlighting the themes of love, heartbreak, and the ups and downs of life. The story is characterized as a slice-of-life drama, focusing on the emotional depth and growth of the characters as they navigate their way through their experiences.

The background story of “Broken Love” had an impact on the production process of Copamore’s “Broken Love (Club Edit), showcasing how the emotional themes of the story inspired the duo to create a remix that captured the essence of the original song while adding their own unique touch. The duo was inspired by the heartfelt story and wanted to create a version that was not only energetic and more upbeat but also captured the emotional essence of the original song.

Using a combination of Ableton and Fruity Loops software, Copamore imported the original R&B song, which features the vocals of Copamore’s singer Jon, into Ableton. They experimented with different sounds and beats to create a new, energetic K-Pop trap remix, using a variety of samples and virtual instruments. To enhance the emotional impact of the remix, Copamore used a key technique called sidechain compression, commonly used in electronic dance music to create a “pumping” effect in the mix. This technique reduced the volume of one track (usually the bass or kick drum) whenever another track (usually the vocals) played, creating a “breathing” effect in the mix and helping to keep the beat driving forward.

Once the basic arrangement of the remix was complete in Ableton, Copamore exported the stems (individual tracks) of the project and imported them into Fruity Loops, where they continued to tweak and refine the mix, adding effects, adjusting levels, and experimenting with different sounds and textures until they were happy with the final result.

The end product is a high-energy remix that not only showcases the duo’s talents as both producers and musicians but also captures the emotional depth and themes of the original song, making it a powerful and resonant piece of music.

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