H2SO4 Drops Their Latest Crossover Hit: “Bad Habits”

 H2SO4, the dynamic act birthed from the creative remixing of electro legends CODE and indie maestros Sulphur, proudly announces their latest track, “Bad Habits.” Daringly defying categorization, this track weaves the unique rawness of indie with the irresistible rhythms of dance, culminating in a sound that’s as refreshing as it is accessible.


Having previously won over industry giants such as Pete Tong, John Peel, and the acclaimed XFM drive-time host Bob Geldof, H2SO4’s trajectory in the music world has been nothing short of meteoric. Remember the hits like “I Need Love” and “Little Soul”? Or the buzz created by their debut album, “Machine-Turned Blues”, which included the single “Imitation Leather Jacket”? These moments were pivotal in sealing their international reputation, which led to licensing agreements across the US and Japan.

However, every group sees its evolution. Andy Phillips, the co-writer and producer, branched out after the release of the Japan-exclusive album, “Glamtronica”, to form Bombay Monkey. Meanwhile, Graham Cupples and James Butler pledged to evolve the H2SO4 sound, and “Bad Habits” is a testament to their innovative commitment.

Dive into the unfamiliar and let “Bad Habits” challenge your musical expectations. A journey that began with remixes has brought us here, and H2SO4’s latest release is proof that sometimes, breaking the mold is the best way to create something truly memorable.

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