SP Reviews German Rock and Pop Award Winner Southdogrock’s “Der alte Mann”

In Southdogrock’s latest production, “Der alte Mann” you can slide down into the long-abandoned tradition of shanty music and immerse yourself in a niche world, mimicking the morbid charm of a tavern singer with the aid of gothic imagery. The text hints at the finite nature of our being and has the desire to enjoy the short time that we have left, even with one of godfather death’s ever-present companions.


SP reviews German Rock and Pop Award winner Southdogrock’s “Der alte Mann”

All Southdogrock songs are created at Frank Schultz’s professional recording studio in Neuenburg am Rhein. With Schultz, Döppert aka “Southdogrock” has found the perfect partner to work together to successfully fine-tune the composition, arrangement, and interpretation of the tracks; they collaborate with guest musicians and create the unique Southdogrock sound despite the wide variety of stylistic elements in the songs.

Some members of the men’s choir “Steinenstadt” and guests from the world-renowned band “NIX” contributed to SOUTHDOGROCK as a guest band in the amazing choir of “Der alte Mann”.

Don’t miss out on the chance to experience “Der alte Mann” for yourself – a drinking song that manages to combine shanty music and gothic imagery. Watch SP’s review of “Der alte Mann” to find out why it’s making waves in the folk music scene. Feel the excitement for yourself today!

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