Unwrapping the Phenomenon: Wham!’s “Last Christmas” and the Modern Rhythm of Copamore’s “Christmas Playlist”

“Last Christmas,” the quintessential holiday song by Wham!, has been a staple of festive cheer since its release in 1984. The song, crafted by the legendary George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley, captures the essence of Christmas spirit with a narrative of love and heartache. Its unique blend of melody, lyrics, and the duo’s unmistakable voices continue to captivate millions each holiday season​​.

Remarkably, “Last Christmas” achieved a long-awaited No. 1 spot on the Official Singles Chart in January 2021, a monumental accomplishment 36 years after its release. This feat underscores its enduring appeal, with the song regularly featuring in Christmas charts, including spending two non-consecutive weeks at No. 1 during December 2022 and January 2023​​.

Alongside its chart success, “Last Christmas” holds a significant place in pop culture. The song’s iconic music video was re-released in 4K quality in 2023, and tributes to George Michael, including a Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction, have solidified the song’s legacy. These acknowledgments celebrate not only the song but also the enduring influence of Wham! in the music world​​.

Complementing the timeless nature of “Last Christmas” is Copamore’s “Christmas Playlist,” a modern addition to holiday music. Since their first Christmas release in 2017, Copamore has been crafting tracks that blend traditional holiday themes with contemporary sounds. Their 2023 track is an RnB piece, infused with electronic and trap elements, painting a vivid narrative of a man wandering through a snow-covered city, inviting angelic singers to join his festive playlist​​​​. This story, much like Wham!’s classic, is about connections, memories, and the magic of Christmas​​.

As the holiday season approaches, the juxtaposition of Wham!’s classic tune and Copamore’s innovative sound offers a rich musical tapestry. “Last Christmas” and “Christmas Playlist” together showcase the evolving landscape of Christmas music, where tradition and innovation coexist harmoniously, each bringing their unique flavor to the festive season.

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