Hit Tip July 2022: Thy Veils – Lina Luna

Thy Veils - Lina Luna. (c) Image by Georgiana Feidi

Thy Veils – Lina Luna

Ahead of their forthcoming album “Next Forever”, Thy Veils releases “Lina Luna”.

Listen to “Lina Luna” on Spotify:

Watch “Lina Luna” in 4k on Youtube:

Thy Veils has found a way of making genre distinctions look meaningless as they produce some cosmic atmosphere around the ethereal singing of Maria Hojda.

In a statement, frontman Daniel Dorobantu says:

“For ‘Lina Luna,’ as well as for the entire new album, most of the production research went towards building a harmonious and coherent sonic universe, where a lively density of sounds, rhythms, and musical ideas interact and weave a multidimensional tapestry of storytelling.”

Daniel Dorobantu
Daniel Dorobantu. Images (c) by Georgiana Feidi.

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